Thursday, November 29, 2007

Episode 270

Read the comic here.

Normally I wouldn't stop and explain Belville. The box says LEGO, it's pink and covered in princesses and teddy bears - you should just instantly know it's LEGO Corp's (perhaps misguided) attempt to reach the female builders.

Then I remember that not everyone is as much of a geek as I am.

So I stop and explain things.

Well, some things. "Who's that girl?" will have to wait for tomorrow.


In other comic-related news, Whiskey has an awesome cameo over at S-Team today.
(Thank you, Ian!)

Also, strip 267 has been added to Irregular Webcomic's Fan-Art section.
(Thank you, David!)


Ian Thomas Healy said...

Oboyoboyoboy! New characters!

Does this mean a chick fight is coming up?


Anonymous said...

Female Whiskey?

Franklyn said...
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Franklyn said...

I was thinking that was Whiskey Tango when I 1st say it. Then I read it and I though "woah who's that". As you say, I'll just have to wait 'till tommorow for 6 more boxes!

Papaya said...


Anonymous said...

Mayby shes whiskey's clone from another dimesion,or maybe she's whiskey's furture when whiskey's gender changes,or maybe whiskey is her in disguise.......ok maybe I got a little overboard,but you never know.