Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blog about the Blog

You may have noticed that this page was getting...shall we say...infrequent updates over the last couple of days. This was due to a problem on the side of things. If you FTP your blog to host it on your own site, as I do, their servers weren't completing the request for some reason.

Things appear to be running smoothly now, though. Hopefully things will stay that way for a bit.

Small bit of housekeeping news: I'm going to be at OmegaCon over the weekend. Related travel issues means I may not have web-access (or time) to update the strip on Friday and Monday. I'm considering just posting all the strips through Monday to the web tomorrow morning - it seems nicer than making anyone wait until Tuesday sometime to get their fix. I'll post links here in the Blog - so if you would rather read things "one day at a time" you still can.


Cavorter said...

Have you thought about using something like WordPress instead of Blogger for your CMS? While the inherent assurance of having an offsite backup in the Blogger system is nice, the customization options and stability of WordPress are really incredible in my experience. I promise not to bug you about it this weekend if you don't want to hear about it though. :-)

Christopher Doyle said...

I started using Blogger since a friend of mine (Ian from the S-Team) uses it for his stuff, and it seemed pretty stable. Plus it had a decent tough-to-bot-spam comment system, which I liked.

I'm more than willing to hear about alternate services, though.