Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Episode 268

Read the comic here.

The first draft of this episode ended with:
Morpheus: Just make sure nothing happens until then.
Wash: With this strip? Not a problem.
Narrator: HEY!

Two things made me change that:

First, I'm tired of my characters taking cheap pot-shots at me.
Second, things have actually been moving forward at a pretty good clip lately. And with daily strips on the way in December...it just didn't ring true.


Nick said...

Nothing unusual? *coughcatcough*

So, are you going to do the comics on the weekdays? And are you still going to what you though of each day's toy before the comic?

Last question, are you still doing the Belville or whatever calendar?

Christopher Doyle said...

The Cat/Transformed Morpheus is just an extra at this point. I have a joke in mind for him, but not much beyond that. Of course, I'm still scripting December's Madness, so that could change.

The comics will be going Daily as of December 1st. There may or may not be a separate blog entry about each day's door - I haven't decided if I'll have time for that or not yet.

As to Belville - I think I'll answer that one tomorrow.

Nick said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot that was Morhpeus. I thought it was the cat from the daylight savings comic.

Anonymous said...

wow i just read through every comic...whiskey's come far,but is he going to be like Loki from the 2006
advent calender?*thinks*that'd be scary