Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First "Naughty Elf" Revealed!

The first "Naughty Elf" bonus from the Buy-Me-Mizer has shipped!

This holiday season if you purchase 10 mini-figures in a single order, in addition to a bunch of other bonus items, you'll receive a custom "Naughty Elf" mini. Each one is unique, and each will be featured here once they leave Reasonably Clever Central.

So...without further ado...here's Thugsy.

(Thugsy's card was created using this on-line Trading Card Maker.)

Who will be the next Naughty Elf? Stay tuned...or, heck, go order some figures and find out for yourself!


Doug7172 said...

My dad was reading about the naughty elf, And he was like "WHAT THE H e double hockeey sticks" and yah. Any way comics getting funnier huh? You said that this is just the first chapter to the wiskey, scotch universe? If it is you should print out each "chapter" and put it in a claer binder or something, mabey you could sell a few here?

Doug7172 said...

He thought it would be porn or something and he relly said heck but I know that was what he was thanking

Nick said...

It's hard deciding weather or not I want to spent $25 just to get a special minifig. On one hand, I get 12 other minifigs, 2 trees, and some presents.

On the other hand, it's $25...

Hey, Chirs, I've been wondering, do minimizer figs come pre-built?

Christopher Doyle said...


I've though about trying to get the early episodes collected into book form, but haven't really taken the time to investigate if any of the self-publishing houses do "all or mostly graphic" books. Just printing them out...well, anyone can do that already. ;)


Actually, the Elf is at the $50 point - ten figures. You get a free Santa Mini at $25.

And, yeah, I build each figure before sending it out.