Friday, November 2, 2007


I had a request in comments yesterday to create a page showing what I'm currently working on in the Workshop. Not a bad idea at all. Sadly, I know that the odds of me keeping such a page up-to-date is somewhere between slim and very unlikely indeed. But here in the Blog? Well, I could see that happening.

So, here's a teaser pic of a couple of in-progress projects. They're not on the workbench in this shot (I had to clear that for Comic photos) but you get the idea.

I'm currently working on several prop-sized comicbook-themed models. Look for a grand unveiling of a new feature in early December, most likely.

Speaking of LEGO, I realized there was a nice themed part that'd work well in the logo for November. Too bad I don't own it!

That's The LEGO Turkey. It was last seen in an expensive Belville Princess Castle set back in 1999. Now selling for $35+ on the secondary market. That's one pricey piece of plastic!

Of course, even if I did have it, it'd have the same problems as the Giant LEGO phone - Belville accessories are much too large for Minifigs to interact with comfortably. (In other words: That's a Turkey the Size of MAN.)

The drumsticks did survive going mainstream,though. They've been a frequent accessory in the Viking sets in recent years, and I'm pretty sure they show up in next year's Castle offerings as well.

Here's to hoping the rest of the bird is re-released as well.


Cavorter said...

Please tell me you're working on silver age versions of Iron Man too? I always loved the shape of those bullet heads best.

Christopher Doyle said...

I plan to have a whole range of IM helmets once I'm done. The nice thing is once I get the Classic Grey done, the Gold version will be a snap...

Cavorter said...

Very true.

Are there any particular images that you're using for references?

Christopher Doyle said...

I'm using the "Essentials" books as my main sources, along with my vast (VAST) TPB collection.

I'm still working on the 'V head' model, obviously - but for that one I was using images from Marvel Zombies - mainly as Jen had the collection out and handy...