Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Episode 264

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My day-job (Yes, I have one. Shush.) promises to be extra-hectic this year. As a result I'm having to streamline a lot of the work I do here at RC. Today's strip opens the door to combine the Advent Madness into the daily strip.

This sounds like a good, labor-saving idea until you realize that means I'm going to have to run the comic every day in December (at least through Christmas).

Oh well.

Also: If you aren't reading the comment threads, you might wonder if today's strip is yet another setup for Scotch to go missing. This is not the case! He's been on-set all this time, but managed to stay out of the final cropped images for some reason. He is very visible in tomorrow's strip.

1 comment:

Nick said...

I was thinking about trying an advent thing too, but trying to do the minimizer deal fast, and getting the elves. Make some cheap "Elves and Santa save the Advent" or something.

After typing it out like that, seems pretty... eh. I'd probobly do what I always do anyways, make about 2 weeks worth, realize they suck, go do something else.