Thursday, November 1, 2007

Episode 250

Read the comic here.

Two hundred and fifty strips. I'm somewhat surprised I've made it this far. In many ways I'm still finding my footing with this strip, finding the voice I want things to have. But I think I'm getting closer to to my goals. Thank you to all who make the strip a daily stop, either through the RSS feeds or from just an old fashioned page browse.

Today's strip (complete with Giant Rotary Phone) should help those few readers who aren't Matrix-junkies clue in on the past couple of strips. If you didn't catch the "Neo" reference, don't feel bad. Obviously Whiskey didn't either.

(For the curious, check the blog comments for those previous strips to learn more about why the Giant Rotary Phone is a Giant Rotary Phone and not something more in-scale.)

It may be worth pointing out that Morpheus was one of the very first "concept characters" for the Brick House, the name this comic started out under. I've had a mini-figure built and ready for action for over a year now. Somehow I doubt Morpheus is going to remain "just" a voice on the phone...


ian said...

I agree - it takes some time to find your voice with a comic strip - just like it takes time to find a suitable format.

And guest stars rock! I've had more than I can count on both hands with my shoes off and naked. Probably more information than you needed to know... ;)


TK1420 said...

Congrats on episode 250!

RC is a daily web stop for me. When I'm at work, anyway.