Monday, November 19, 2007

Mars Re-Mission: Contest is Closed!

Well, the deadline for entires has past - the Mars Re-Mission contest has come to a close.

We had seventeen entries from a total of thirteen different builders. A pretty decent turnout, and some amazing models.

The last three entries were:
  • Jordan Cross' Third entry, a combination of his past two with some extra features. Makes me think of the larger Mars Mission sets - they're pretty much just combos of the smaller sets as well.
  • Dene Quest presents what happens in the daylight hours while people are waiting for the discos to open with his Space Race set.
  • Finally, Doug7172 shares his Space Limo Cruiser - a ship with a pleasingly different look from the other models submitted.
* *

Click on the pictures or links to see the individual entries.

Winners will be announced on November 22nd. Do you have a personal favorite? Discuss it in the comments!


Doug7172 said...

Uhh I kinda messed up on my text in the contest entry, it is spussed to

Astronaught (thinks): I think the water flew out of this hot tube, it better not have i payed alot for this thing! I need a drink,No stupid helmet!

Any, any way, any way! Chris did you get the invetation to join my forum? It would be really cool to have a member like you!

Doug7172 said...

My favorite is (not mine mind you)
but the space race. I love making fighter I mean yah if you have seen my brickshelf you would see my best moc is starfighter, There is just soom elments of coolness to them. Also some cool thing for the builder

1, I love the cockpit you and me are the only ones who seem to use it!

2, looks like the orriginal only bigger and fatter

3, All around COOL. I was considerind doing that but i thought the black and white would clash to much but you pool that off perfictly!