Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toybox of FAIL: Violent Wind Speed

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Violent Wind Speed - Jing Zhiwei Bootleg of LEGO - Box a
Violent Wind Speed / Cross-Country

Jing Zhiwei toys continues to up the "WTF" quotient of their knock-off toys. Just when you get used to the idea that they're blatantly stealing LEGO product designs, they go and make their packaging even more incomprehensible.

Is today's toy called "Violent Wind Speed"? Or "Cross-Country"? "36 pcs"?

Maybe "No. 803"?

Whatever it's called, a better translation would have been "crap."

Violent Wind Speed - Jing Zhiwei Bootleg of LEGO - Car b
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I mean, just look at this thing. The colors are crap. The pieces are crap. The printing is crap. Heck, even the figure's hand is a malformed piece of half-digested waste.

If this car was subjected to "cross-country" or "violent wind speed" there's no doubt in my mind it'd end up in at least 36 pieces.


Still, thanks as always to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review. Sorry I wasn't more bitter, but I've had a long day.

Photos for this set © 2009 Alyska Bailey Peterson /PointyKitty Studios


Geoffrey said...

If you flick that thing across the desk with your finger, does it fall apart at the first obstacle?

Ben said...

its not a bad design...

Geoffrey said...

@Ben: Remember, these are FAIL's we're talking about.

This is probably a clone of a clone of a LEGO set, or some other brand.

Nobody designed this set, they just ripped it off some real set and poorly copied it.

It's like when the teacher gives someone a low grade for copying someone else's work. These FAILs should get a F for whoever copied them.

alyska said...
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alyska said...

You don't need to flick it; just give it a dirty look, and it'll explode on you.

(I say this from experience... *grins*)

RJBT said...

Wow, was that a mini-review?

Bite-sized Fail?

I quite like it.