Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pirate Advent 2009: Day 9

Pirate Advent 2009: Day 9

6299 - 2009 Pirate Advent Calendar - Day 9
Joe Crab's Shack

I've got mixed feelings about today's mini-model. Oh, it's cute enough. And the crab is a fairly rare item in the LEGO world, so that's nice.

But is it Holiday themed?

Heck, is it even Pirate themed?

I suppose, with a little imagination, our little Joe the Crab could be having a wee little Holiday Party deep under the sea. And the plant behind him is an aquatic version of a Christmas Tree.

There. All better.

And tomorrow, if tradition holds, we should be getting a new Mini-figure to bring this calendar to new heights of Pirate-y goodness. Or badness.

Or something.


RJBT said...

Whats this going to do to the pirates plan I wonder?

Flamero Burns said...

They'll use the crab as a spy!

JimmytheJ said...

Isn't it cute that all the pirates line 'figs so far have a pet?

"Cappie" Tann has a parrot, Sole D'ierboy has a croc and Pira T'lass has a crab.

Heh, I gave them all punny names.