Thursday, December 17, 2009

CITY Advent 2009: Day 17

CITY Advent: Day 17

7687 - 2009 City Advent - Day 17
Snow Removal Cart

It's a stretch. It's a real reach. But at least LEGO is trying. Today's mini-model of a snow removal cart manages to transform yesterday's cheerless Janitor minifigure into a Winter Worker.

At least I think it's a snow removal cart.

Those 1x1 rounds might actually be meant to represent little LEGO marshmallows.

In which case this sub-theme doesn't make any sense at all.


Legowink said...

Its snow...

Jimmy The Kid said...

Marshmallows could be christmassy.

Well, kind of.

Jimmy The Kid said...

P.S. as Optimus Prime would say: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, unless they're police minifigures, in which case, kill the buggers."