Thursday, December 17, 2009

LEGO Photo Review: 7592 - Construct-A-Buzz

7592 - Construct-a-Buzz - Buzz Flexes
7592 - Construct-A-Buzz
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I decided I wanted a giant Buzz head to go with my mini-fig scaled one. When I stopped by TRU this afternoon, they were in the process of marking up this set from $26.99 to $29.99. It looked like most of the Toy Story sets were getting price increases. (ANOTHER $3-$5 per set, over the already inflated prices!)

Oh, TRU, there's a reason I don't shop at your store 90% of the year. If it weren't for the addict in me needing these new sets ASAP, I'd rather give my money to any of your competitors.


Anonymous said...

when I first saw this I thought "oh, god no! it's another buzzkill thingy!" Now all I can think is how you'll be able to use the giant head to make even more disturbing combinations.

Anonymous said...

Points for printed parts and the torso, but everything else is... eww.

Geoffrey said...

I wonder what else TLG got stuck with making besides Buzz Lightyear and Ben10 themed sets?

I wonder if they were coerced into making two uniquely molded heads or if they decided that was the easiest way to make his different sized heads?

Those heads sure don't look like they'll have any uses apart from the obvious.

The rest of the set is a fairly okay parts pack although the lime and purple combinations are going to be difficult to work into most MOCs if only for their rarity. I sure hope TLG anticipated a lot of demand for this set, as the lime parts may appeal to some builders.

As for TRU marking them up, they must have seen you coming, Chris! ;)

RJBT said...

Ooooo More Giant Buzzkill!

Anonymous said...

At my local Target, this set was only 20 US dollars.