Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CITY Advent 2009: Day 9

CITY Advent: Day 9

7687 - 2009 City Advent - Day 9
Traffic Signal


Well, we've reached day three of the police sub-theme. Today's advent gift is a traffic light.

I'd give LEGO points for originality, but this is just a repeat from Day 14 of 2005.
What's worse, the 2005 model had more parts.

Well, if tradition holds, tomorrow we should get a new theme and a new mini-figure to go with it. It guess that's something to look forward to...


Geoffrey said...

Well, at least we found out why their designers still want the 1x1 headlight brick ...

Anonymous said...

What's with the yellow piece?

Christopher Doyle said...


I'm guessing it's supposed to be a button pedestrians can press to activate the crosswalk signal. (The walk/don't walk light)

Of course, they didn't bother to *include* a crosswalk signal, so that's just a guess.

Legowink said...

This is perfect for my morning, So prefect iI know what it means!, It shows all the people trying to get to there familys for christmas and you hit every freaken red light possible. I have to drive my little brother christmas shopping 'cause i promised him even if it snows a bit. It said 2-4 inches but nooo, It's a blizzard.

Andrew said...

Do you have a cap of when a model isn't "repeating" a model from a previous year? Beacause personally, declaring the model a repeat of a model that came out four years ago might be a bit harsh.

Christopher Doyle said...


It's a fair question. It really depends on the model. I'm not going to complain if/when we see a Santa make a return to the countdown, no matter how recently he's been included.

For most of them, though, I'm going to have a tougher standard. CITY is such a rich and varied theme that there's no reason we should be seeing another traffic light...well, ever, really.