Friday, December 18, 2009

CITY Advent 2009: Day 18

CITY Advent: Day 18

7687 - 2009 City Advent - Day 18

It's another puzzle. Did LEGO abandon the "street sweeper" sub-theme or is there a way to work this fountain into the mix?

Considering the amount of winter-themed objects we've seen so far in this year's CITY Advent, the inclusion of a water feature seems really...odd. Everything else is frozen solid...but not this!

Maybe it's meant to be a fixture in a mall or something.

The model itself has the advantage of being something new and different from the Advent-verse, at least. Despite the fact I didn't manage to align the parts correctly in my photo, the building technique isn't bad. And the blue water "flame" is an uncommon color for that part.

This far into the calendar and LEGO can still surprise me. They've almost got me looking forward to discovering tomorrow's new theme.


Andy Boal said...

It actually makes rather more sense if you look at the flap of the calendar box - it's got a pedestrian crossing for the traffic lights, a pond for skating, and so on ;)

Christopher Doyle said...

@Andy: Don't bother me with your troublesome logic! I'm busy being snarky!

Anonymous said...

that's weird cuz my friend got a little kid with a race car today

Flamero Burns said...

@Anon: What door did he open?

Anonymous said...

he opened the 18 and got a kid with a racecar

Christopher Doyle said...

@anon: Well, it's a bit late to gripe about spoiler warnings. It's obvious there was a slight mix up in the way the insert tray was packed and your friend got day 19's gift early. It's been known to happen.

Anonymous said...

oh thanks for telling me chris :)