Friday, December 11, 2009

Pirate Advent 2009: Day 11

Pirate Advent 2009: Day 11

6299 - 2009 Pirate Advent Calendar - Day 11
Castaway and Torch

Heh. Okay. I get it.
Yesterday we got a super-lame advent gift of a barrel and a couple of tools. The expected minifigure was missing.


Because obviously he was lost at sea and couldn't find door 10 in time.

This castaway is a very rare fellow: he appeared in only one set: 6241 - Loot Island. In that set he had a blue hat instead of the long hair, making the Advent Castaway a one of a kind variation.

Pretty cool comeback on LEGO's part.


Ray-The-Sun said...

I got very few lego sets this year, so all this pirate stuff makes me want to quote Ellis from L4D2;


Ray-The-Sun said...

Forgot to post this earlier, but my flame didn't have the two little pins on the base, is this normal?

Anonymous said...

It's a new kind of flame piece that LEGO are phasing in, along with a new spaceship canopy, new macaroni (curved 1/4 corner piece) and probably a few more I can't think of right now. Cue cries of "RUINED FOREVAR!!!" from the more rabis fans. -.-

Anyway, much more pleased with Crusoe here than with yesterday's offering. If tomorrow has a swordfish, clam, or other assorted awesome, it might just make up for it. :P