Friday, December 11, 2009

CITY Advent 2009: Day 11

CITY Advent: Day 11

7687 - 2009 City Advent - Day 11
Mail Cart

If I didn't know about the three-day sub-themes in the CITY Advent, I probably wouldn't have identified today's gift as a mail cart. It could just have easily been a "Race Car" or "Dune buggy". The yellow-and-red color theme of LEGO's postal service isn't much of a clue just makes me think of McDonald's.

But, that's really nothing to complain about. It's a fun mini-model. There are some decent parts to re-use, and it even came with an extra red cheese wedge. (That's a 1x1 sloped tile, for you non LEGO addicts.)

I guess our postman is expecting a LOT of mail, if he's taking this little car around with him on his daily rounds.


alucard_lugosi said...

I love the mail cart. Now he can out run that robber from last year.

Legowink said...

Oh, I see, the police man is a Scrooge! He put up his little "Portable Traffic Light"(why it's so small) and is useing the "built in controller" to make sure it stops, our little santa minion from delivering whatever letters and packages that hold toys and cards of cash from dear children Who will see they got like a gift card to staples and underware just because life these days is TECHNICAL and everyone ORDERS off the INTERNET, so it comes in the MAIL, but what if the timezones are collideing and the time for delivering toys is running out and one second of wasted time could mean the end of christmas ANDTHEN!!! Red light.

Lich Barrister said...

Can "Pimp my Mailcart" be far behind?

Andy Boal said...

Policeman has to be a spoilsport whatever way you look at it. Barriers and traffic lights to stop the kids skating and having snowball fights. All the other characters on the box look like they could make the place FUN for the kids!

As for the mail cart, it has nothing on the original 1982 model 6651 for size!

bradley said...

you should have the mail cart be a mud cart in munure ps i just got to open my b day gift early and its sweet (my b day is tommarow by the way)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... anyone else have a bagging issue with their mailcart? My daughter ended up with two of the rear yellow fender piece, and none of the front one. First time in six years worth of Advent Calendars (with multiple copies each year) that we've had a piece that was missing.