Sunday, December 6, 2009

CITY Advent 2009: Day 6

CITY Advent: Day 6

7687 - 2009 City Advent - Day 6
Street Light with Garland

Day Six. One quarter of the way through the advent. So far LEGO has wowed us with toys that actually reached beyond just "CITY" and into an actual holiday theme. We've seen three days of snow, two days of ice, and now...a day of lights.

I wasn't sure how LEGO was going to stretch ice skating into a third day. Would we get a small clear baseplate to simulate the ice rink? A pair of skis and snow poles to continue the winter sports concept?

No, instead we get a bit of set dressing - a nice prop to put by the side of our imaginary ice rink to let our mini-figures play into the night.

"But, Chris!" I hear you say. "How can you be so calm about LEGO giving us a streetlight for a set? It's LAME! You know it!"

Ah, dear reader, but look at the clever building techniques! See how LEGO decided to accessorize their streetlight! A white 2x2 plate at the base to keep the snowy theme alive! A garland! And some 1x1 rounds in white to make everything look wintery and festive.

I can forgive them for the streetlight since they wrapped it up so nicely.

But, rest assured, I'm all set to be cranky tomorrow when we kick off a new sub-theme. I'm sure it'll be a real stinker.

Won't it?


RJBT said...

I'm starting to think that the winter toy shop and the advent are ment to be sold together. Instead of the 1 minifig, 2 objects we just get loads of crowd fillers and objects to fill the area around the toy shop!

Anonymous said...

Chris there is an ice rink on the flap on the ground

Anonymous said...
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Christopher Doyle said...

@deleted anon:

Please keep the blog posts spoiler-free.

Wrathkid said...

I was wowed when I saw the image.

Made me wish I'd gone out and bought the advent calendar.

I'd build ony with my own parts, but the only color I have the dome in is a transparent green