Saturday, December 12, 2009

New LEGO sets at TRU

I was out running errands this morning when I stopped by TRU on a whim.
I'm glad I did.

toys r us haul 12-12-09
(Click for bigger!)

They had just put out a TON of new stock. There were new CITY sets, wave 2 of Atlantis (heh. Wave.), Toy Story, and BEN 10. Oh...and Star Wars.

I had to leave a lot of new stuff budget only allows for so much OMGWFTBBQ in a single day.

Photo reviews on the way shortly!

(All of this is from the Toys R Us in Madison Heights, Michigan. Your local results will most likely vary.)

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Great escaper said... all I can say. It would be really cool if LEGO made a set with Andy playing with minifig scale LEGO bricks for a nice slice of meta!