Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From Brick to Doozer in 24 hours

Every now and again I find I have a bit of time to actually create something. Usually it's not a lot of time - particularly in December when my website and work responsibilities reach a fever pitch.

So I've started playing around with "24 hour builds" - less than a day from idea to finished model. This is my first real attempt at it.

Doozer on White

It's a Doozer from the Fraggle Rock show! You can click the pic to go to the set on Flickr.

I was inspired by a friend's surgery - I wanted to do something to help, but I live several states away and she already had family to look after her. So, while fretting, I decided to build a little guy who is always "doing something."

She's recovering nicely, and now I have a little workshop helper. It's win/win.


RJBT said...

Isn't Fraggle Rock a kids show?

I mean a sesame street type kids show?

Christopher Doyle said...

@RJBT: It's classic Muppet Labs stuff. It's meant for a slightly older crowd than Sesame Street, but, yes it's still a kids show.

It's great stuff. You should check it out.

Geoffrey said...

Well done, Chris, that model is so realistic, it could fit very well into a scene from Fraggle Rock!

If a Doozer is that easy, I wonder how easy the Fraggles themselves would be?

The giants in the yard where the Trash Heap lives would be easier, if only because of their scale compared to a Fraggle.

Legowink said...

Shouldnt there be little silver things where his ears should be?...

NO I DONT WATCH THE SHOW ON A REGULAR BASIS BUT MY FRIEND'S LITTLE COUSIN WHO COMES TO MY HOUSE LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY, to play with my legos watches it and other stuff like heat mizer/snow mizer which is pretty fun...

However it is soo anoying to have to empty his stuffed pockets of random legos at the end of the day.