Saturday, December 5, 2009

LEGO Gingerbread Houses!

Here's a little Advent Madness Extra!

I'm a decent LEGO builder - but often I'm amazed at the creations from the real masters out there. Among those master builders is one of my idols, Mariann Asanuma. Recently, she created an amazing LEGO Gingerbread House in micro-scale for Brickjournal. There's even a set of instructions so you can build your own!

So I did.

Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone. Ignoring the elegant lines of Mariann's model, I made a few tweaks to my own little gingerbread house mod-build.

modified gingerbread side

Click on through to see more photos at my Flickr stream. And be sure to build your own copy of the Asanuma Gingerbread house!


bradley said...

nice-where do you get the instructions??

Christopher Doyle said...

@bradley: They're posted at the Brickjournal link.

bradley said...

oh ok thanks

Laura said...

It is a cute little house, and it sure looks festive. But what exactly has gingerbread to do with advent or Christmas?

Christopher Doyle said...


You haven't seen Gringerbread house kits all over the Christmas aisles? They're pretty much a holiday tradition from what I've seen.

Laura said...

Nope, I guess it is something American