Monday, December 7, 2009

Episode 822

Read the comic here.

A special double update today - look for part two later tonight.


RJBT said...

Am I detecting some spy antics?

TK1420 said...

I'm wondering whether it's Luka, Pepper, or Barnacle Betty... hoping for Luka.

Great escaper said...

Chris, my mental voices of the pirates now speak with a Lancashire accent, think of Peter Sallis from Wallace and Gromit reading Redbeards line in panel 3 and you can see where i'm coming from, making this strip funnier on a different level! XD

How the line should be to me:

Yer a blinkin oaf, you know that?

Flamero said...

I take is next is a Rack o' police stuff?

Flamero said...

Darn It, I posted to the wrong one, Doyle, PLEASE fix the blog thing.

Christopher Doyle said...


It's an advent mystery. And, remember, let's keep the spoilers out of the Advent posts.