Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Episode 848

Read the comic here.

I tend to forget how passionate Donut is about his cooking...and then he'll remind me with a bit of dialog. Or, in this case, his suddenly serious expression in the last panel.

And, yes, Santa has a chicken leg, not Chili. He had the chili earlier. :P


James said...

Bye Luka.

Christopher Doyle said...


I wouldn't be *that* cruel, would I?

David said...

does that mean everyone will turn into their past selves? (ted, cowboy curtis)

Geoffrey said...

But ... But ... Has Donut III researched the consequences of massive quantities of time-space chili burps simultaneously occurring in one spot?

Will the BH TARDIS be usable with a gigantic hole in it's hull/wall er whatever?

Who's gonna fix that anyway?

Legovillager said...

Been reading the entire december comics just now, didn't read them during december as I didn't want them to infulence Legoville.

ALRIGHT! Luka returning is like Mary sue all over again! Nice work.

Or copere, as Word verification says.

David said...

@ Geoffrey:

the computer thingie in the beginning