Monday, May 12, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Read the comic...later.

Due to the weather being crappy this past weekend, I was unable to get in my planned special effects shoot. As a result, the comic will be delayed a bit. I hope to take the needed photos this afternoon after work and assemble strips tonight, but I can't be sure that'll happen either.

Regardless, when the photos do get taken, I'll post double-strips until I catch back up to the schedule.


Geoffrey said...

You're as lazy as anyone with the time to read this comic! ;)

Technical difficulties my foot!

Whatever happened to indoor lighting??

You would've had to have a tornado rip through your house for it to have any real effect on your comic making abilities.

splash1 said...

or the Baba Jaga could come in and steal your first born baby....don't ask why i said that

Maarten said...

Sorry, just wanted to say that.
I was so excited for this strip!
And my word verification is: ''gnkflhz''
You get it?
Oh, never mind.

Na said...

What, no butter joke?

... Butter be a new comic tomorrow, or else!

(There, did it for you!)

Andy Boal said...

So where's our double strip to catch back up again? ;)