Thursday, May 8, 2008

Episode 426

Read the comic here.

I thought about putting in a reflection in the glass of the escape pods, or using the building model to show them firing off, but decided to leave them "unseen" for now. I don't have any plans at the moment to come back and pick up the Brick Cola Exec's story, but you never know what the future may hold. And I'd really rather not have to keep an escape pod model built and archived "just in case."

My only real regret is not thinking of putting a LEGO bird on the windowsill outside.


Geoffrey said...

Hmm is Scotch going to salvage the pod he or his brother was kept in?

If they did take it, it'd be an essential plot element for future stories.

I wonder what else they can loot out of the Brick Cola building? :D

Geoffrey said...

If you did want to keep anything as far as scenes for sets go, perhaps it would be the plans to the current set, so you can recreate it if you have to.

It might be time to fiddle around with MLCAD or something.

I'm sure digitally archiving the sets is a lot cheaper than storing complete sets if you suddenly decide you needed one, and can prevent you from making mistakes when jumping story arcs unexpectedly because something needed doing/explaining.

Saber Lion said...

"Bastard"? Has that ever been used in this strip before?

Andy Boal said...

And there was me thinking we'd get back to Brick-Cola v. Cola-Brick since that was where the strip started in the first place ;)

TK1420 said...

for the bad puns alone, Pat is one of the most nefarious villains in web-comicdom.

Christopher Doyle said...


They can't loot the meteor - it's still in the room when Past!Whiskey gets back.

As to moving to MLCad...the whole reason to have the sets still intact is so I can use them right away. I can pretty much reconstruct any set item from all the source photos I have to take for the strip already.

Yeah, it'd be cheaper (and easier) to go digital for set storage, but until the strip itself moves into virtual land it's not a direction I'm thinking of going.

Not sure. Probably, though.

Actually, the story started a bit before that with Scotch and his brother - and that storyline will return at some point...

Just wait until you see tomorrow's dialog.

Maarten said...

Burn 'im, Whiskey! Burn 'im!

Maarten said...

And Chris, maybe you could make Whiskey and the gang go into a computer, then you could use MLCAD to make the comic!
temporarily, that is.
Would be a pity if you continued the strip forever in digital!