Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Episode 435

Read the comic here.

It helps if you visualize the new guy speaking with a heavy British accent.


Geoffrey said...

In case anyone is wondering what torso the new person - who is presumably Donut - is wearing, it's the one above.

It's the Harry Potter Gilderoy torso assembly in sand red, and I must say it looks great!

I'm going to say it's definitely the sand red one, because it doesn't match the tan color visible under the table behind Whiskey.

Maarten said...

Pat can still talk! Yay!
So he's not dead!

Andy Boal said...

Slight problem. Do you know how many British accents there are? ;) They're easier to distinguish than a southern drawl and a Toronto accent! ;)

Anonymous said...

I know, that space/time chile pepper thing sent luka to 1953 great britain, where she met a 37 year old man (with a beard) and had a son (or maybe a daughter, it may be to soon to tell) who then grew up, gained the accent, came to america on a fishing boat, came to where ever whiskey, scotch, and donut are/were, and was just in time to hear donut tell whiskey the back story and the plan, found and studied the soda manual, followed them into the brick cola office, watched pat fry, watched donut go boom, and came in to help out and or kill them.

or he could be some random idiot thats lucky enough to have every thing he said be true.

i don't know im probably just going insane
i mean no ones gonna read this...
so im talking to myself...

no you quit
no you
no you
i just said that
shut up
no you

Anonymous said...

i got board