Thursday, May 22, 2008

Episode 436

Read the comic here.

The new guy would have had more time to introduce himself if he hadn't had to go into all that exposition about the carrying case.

Even though I had mentioned the "containment unit" before, I figured most readers would wonder where the heck they got the box to store Pat in. For the "but that's HUGE!" camp, it's stowed in the same tesseract in the SODAII armor that holds the swords and brooms when not in use. :P


Geoffrey said...

It explains how they're going to fit that robot down the escape tubes. Or does it ...? Hmmm.

Tune in to find out I guess.

Great escaper said...

I know the awnser, hammerspace!

Basically it is an infinate dimension used to store items.

Ray-The-Sun said...

I bet a lot of people are wondering "Who's the fruity dude?" (Not that I hate Brits, I am one.) if you don't watch doctor who, or you don't want massive !SPOILERS!, Don't look down.

The new guy is donut Regenerated (I bet theres a chili joke there, Heh)
and using a new body.

Oh and Nick, I DID play BlockLand, what was your username?

Nick said...

Spenny, Id 440, do you remember me?

dave the rave said...

Well, there goes all of the escape pods. And here comes Past!Whiskey about to find out. All thanks to Future!Whiskey. Ironic, isn't it?

And Chris did you get my entry for the contest?

Zacknut said...

Thyme Lord Technology.
"It's bigger om the inside"

When the past and future selves colide, it make uh-oh!

Gaby said...