Thursday, May 29, 2008

Episode 441

Read the comic here.

I'm going to be off-line for the next few days. The comics will go up on schedule - just check here in the blog for the link. I've set up posts to auto-appear at 7:00 am EST.

I'll update the archive and the normal strip links when I return.


Anonymous said...

you know i just now noticed that you must have the sandcrawler from the starwars line

dave the rave said...

Of course, Whiskey doesn't know about the "Kill your past self and cease to exsist" thing. Now things are going to get messy.

Geoffrey said...

Dave what you're talking about is a paradox. And those things should be avoided at all costs.

Especially since going back in time and trying to kill yourself is a paradox. If you go back in time and kill yourself you won't exist to go back in time and kill yourself.

In addition the whole TBH universe could get sucked into this kind of paradox as events dependent on the paradox cease to happen because they are missing a vital person, this starts a chain reaction and the whole universe is sucked into a paradox.

Now if this was a parallel comic universe, it might be a very different outcome. If Whiskey goes back in time in one of those, all that will happen if he tries to kill himself is that he will create a parallel universe that he ceases to exist in, and still won't be able to kill himself in this one because of the paradox effect.

Hope that helps you understand things.