Monday, May 26, 2008

Episode 438

Read the comic here.

This is more than just a cheap joke; today is Memorial Day in America. This is a respectful moment of silence.

I try not to put too much of my personal politics into the strip, but considering the state of the world today, this holiday seems that much more important.

Anyway, back to the story tomorrow.


Geoffrey said...

I think you should put a timestamp carefully placed in the corner of the top-left and bottom-right panel, to indicate it's more than *just* a strip that's totally blank.

The line below it does say something about it but a lot of people have no clue what a moment of silence means, let alone an entire minute, which is I believe the standard amount of time for most ceremonies involving a "moment" of silence.

Ian said...

I think this was a very respectful move on your part, Chris. Most of us know veterans either of current or past conflicts.

Anyone who doesn't know what a "moment of silence" is is either too young to remember 9/11/01 or too callous to care. Darn near everyone in the WORLD had moments of silence after that.


Papaya said...

This is good =)

Thank you.

zack said...
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Zacknut said...

God Bless America

dave the rave said...

I'm glad at least ONE webcomic author cares. Thanks, Chris.

Starpoint said...

That was deep. I'm glad you have such a big heart that you would put something like this in your webcomic. I don't think anyone else does. God Bless America, and all who fight for her.