Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Contest: Clue #3

Full details tomorrow.


dave the rave said...

*googles Tim Gould*

Yep, it's a Brick Forge contest.u

Maarten said...

Is Tim Gould family of Edd Gould?

Maarten said...

And, if we have to buy something from Brick Forge, I can't enter this one!

Joe said...

I never enter.

Christopher Doyle said...


Dave: What search results are you basing *that* conclusion on?

No, you don't have to buy anything from Brickforge to enter the contest.

The closest I'll come to telling people they have to buy something is if I ever run another contest like "Pimp my Mech" (That contest required a cheap LEGO set as a starting point.)

No, Brickforge's involvement is much more fun. Full details at Noon EST today.