Friday, May 2, 2008

Episode 422

Read the comic here.

The hallway is a slightly different design than the one Past!Whiskey and Company found on the top floor - Now!Whiskey and Company are still a few floors down in the building, so the decor is slightly different. (I pay attention to these tiny details because I know you care.)

I also managed to photograph things in the right order - if you track the plant in the hallway the group is actually moving forward for once.

Unintentional humor: The BH-M-80x? I was really just thinking of a jumbo sized "m-80" firecracker. But if you read the whole designation, it comes across as "Boom Box". Apt.


Geoffrey said...

Hehe - I like it. But I want to know who is holding onto the sample container for Pat O'Buttah's melted remnants?

Hopefully the boom box will be hurting their enemies, and not our trio. ;-)

Word verification: "boomrui" - heh, even Google's Blogger is getting in on this!

Maarten said...

Lol, my word verification is: ''iksboom''.
This is getting weird.
But I have seen a detail!
Second image, the baseplates have a tiny little gap between each other.
Maybe irrelevant, but it is!

Maarten said...

Hey Chris,
Why don't you put yourself in the comic?
You (I mean your minifig) could then pop stuff at random out of thin air!
Because you are the author, I expect your minifig has some awesome powers too.
Well, it's an idea!