Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Episode 434

Read the comic here.

There. All caught up. Now quit yer bitchin'


Samuel said...

So... Who is this guy? Is he a reincarnation of Donut?

Pixon1 said...

He regenerated ^^

Doug7172 said...

I think hes a you8nger version of donut (IE: The suit!!)

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Is a pre-emptive "Stuff it, Geoffrey" in order here? ;)

I knew it; Donut is a Time Lord.


splash1 said...

no he's a Thyme Lord :P

Anonymous said...

I just think that he's a Thyme Lord, Maybe even the doctor himself :O

Nah, he COULD be a reincarnation of Donut, but we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

Geoffrey said...

Ian> A 'stuff it' is only in order if you can match Chris's comic so far. And at the moment, it's not looking too good, maybe you should hurry that 'who shot Tyrant' thing along, eh?

As for the strips themselves, I'd say we should be pretty unsurprised at the outcome which is yet to be revealed. First, though, the group has to make their getaway, and they have a captive who is rather uncooperative and fairly melted.

Christopher Doyle said...

G: "I'd say we should be pretty unsurprised at the outcome which is yet to be revealed."

Let me get this straight - you're already bitching about the creativity levels of strips I've *yet to do*?

Geoffrey, I've tried to be nice, but that really crosses the line. It's obvious you're just here to troll. Please get lost.

Geoffrey said...

"As for the strips themselves" was in reference to those you've posted up then.

It was *not* in reference to strips you've yet to do. But you never have clarified whether Donut died or was reborn in the strip he got blown up in. That is what the "yet to be revealed" was in reference to.

I'm sorry, and I apologize, if it comes across as a critical remark, but the text medium in this blog simply doesn't allow the full extent of emotional support one could do with other media.

TK1420 said...

Geoffrey, building dramatic tension is a key part of writing- it keeps the reader coming back to find out what happened, whodunit, etc.

Looks like Chris and Ian both are good at it- we can tell that it's working on you, because you come back every day to find out what's next! ;)