Monday, April 28, 2008

Episode 418

Read the comic here.

Whiskey is remembering the question he asked all the way back in Episode 77. Originally I was going to make a joke about "never vacuuming", with a comeback from Donut about "the explosive decompression at the end of Chapter One not good enough?" but I couldn't get the timing to work right. Plus the link between "vacuum" and "explosive decompression" was weak at best.


I'm looking forward to the reveal tomorrow of where the Brick House ended up. Aren't you?


Geoffrey said...

It is rather an odd question for Whiskey to be asking considering the hairball's exit probably took a good chunk of dirt molecules with it.

You should probably rework it so Whiskey's still disappointed at Donut's floors being filthy despite the recent decompression pulling a lot of stuff out.

And as far as Ian's webcomic is going, well, we *still* don't know who shot Tyrant.

Christopher Doyle said...


Think of the Brick House floors coated with the same gunk that you find on the floors of a movie theater - that sticky, gooey glop that won't come up unless you use a putty knife on it. The Decompression didn't have a chance against filth like that...

Granted, there's very little DUST left.

Geoffrey said...

BTW, why is it invisible gunk?

Surely you have time to do a bit of reworking so that there is some visible trash either sitting on the floor or or built into it? The way that floor looks now it seems like one could eat off of it.

Nick said...


Do YOU ever notice the gunk on the floor? Before you step on it, of course.

Christopher Doyle said...


Ah, but any visible trash would have been sucked out the door.

Nick is right - sticky floors don't really *look* sticky, they just *are*.

Heh. Maybe it's residue "hair gel" from the Creature's escape.

Anyway, reworking the set floor is *way* beyond the effort I want to put in for this minor joke.

Papaya said...

Um, Whiskey? We're in a CAVE. Y'know, a DIRTY one.


Geoffrey said...

Why not have a dig at the CSI: shows then? Wouldn't take much more than a magnifying glass, an appropriate lighting effect, and an enlarged set floor "piece" about 4x4 studs in size ... heck you could probably get away with 2x2 if you do it right.