Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Episode 400

Read the comic here.

The Mighty 400. Of course, it's just business as usual for the strip. I'm scripting big things for episode 500, though. I have to find something to compete with Ian's Death of Tyrant arc, after all.

Does Jake's question get answered today or not? Take what clues you can from today's strip, as we answer (sort of) someone else's question tomorrow.


Geoffrey said...

I wonder how much "filler material" will take up episodes while Doyle builds the set for the exit into the time-space vortex they were travelling through?

It looks as if he's got 2 week's worth of questions so hopefully he's got a nicely prepared set at the end of it all.

Anonymous said...

hey doyle, do you think you could put an elephant in the strip sometime?

please answer this one seriously!

Jakester said...

WooHoo!! my Mail on the 400th episode!!!!! Thanks sooo much!!!!

Happy 400th!!!!!

Nick said...

Congratulations, Christopher. I suggest we celebrate with a mid-air hand slap.

Khymera said...

poor luka, will she ever be saved?
what I'd like to know is if scotch's evil frog counterpart will be involved in this new story or not.