Thursday, April 24, 2008

Episode 416

Read the comic here.

More "I need to pay more attention while taking photos" sloppiness today. Or maybe the moving light on Scotch's SODA is a feature, not a bug. (Hey, if it works for Microsoft...)

I was tempted to pretend I didn't notice the glitch and not mention it, but you guys have a track record for spotting problems...

Meanwhile, Whiskey makes a surprise cameo over in S-Team. Be sure to check it out!


Geoffrey said...

Hehe - trust Whiskey to lose patience with Ian's S-Club members. And I suppose he does deserve some sort of comeback after Ian spirited him away to places unknown a few months ago.

As to forgetting to mention the zombies, hopefully, there will be something Doyle can do about it. ;)

Of course, if a BH TARDIS accidentally lands on a bunch of zombies do we get reburied undead? :D

Ian Thomas Healy said...

I love seeing "Crap in a hat" slowly make its way around the web as a new saying. LOL

And for all you watching from the sidelines, Whiskey will appear in the next couple of strips too, including the 2-year anniversary strip next Monday. :)


franklyn said...

Hey Chris, I made a Whiskey Tango minifing in the Buy-Me-Mizer section, when I click the Buy Me button, nothing happens. Is that a problem on your side or on mine?

Wrathkid said...

I find the errors with the strip very funny actually, but that trick with the flamethrower a few days ago was pretty cool.

But why didn't Donut just use the BH TARDIS to go back and stop Luka from eating the pepper to begin with?

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, changing the past is impossible,

Christopher Doyle said...

Franklyn -

Do you have a pop-up blocker turned on? The shopping cart has to open in a new window, and blockers can prevent it from working.

Wrathkid: I'm going with the "interacting with yourself in the past can cause a paradox and you'd cease to exist" version of time travel. Donut hasn't figured out how he could stop Luka without burning the chili-room, which would then prevent him from inventing the space-time-chili, thus preventing him from going back to stop Luka...

anonymous said...


and speaking of scotch's soda, for any one who wants to see it, go to brickshelf and search SODA-3.

its on the second page for some reason and photo shop wasnt working so i couldn't crop the pictures.

Doug7172 said...

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Christopher Doyle said...

anony: interesting technique on the arms - I may have to play with that idea.

Got this post from yesterday, thanks. Doesn't look like WP will work with my host (MS Sql Server, not MySql) but I'm still looking things over. (The joint hosting thing doesn't appeal; that's the problem with blogger after all.)

doug7172 said...

ok, and joint hosting? Whats that?

Christopher Doyle said...


Wordpress will let you partially host your blog on their site - the handle the database and stuff, if I'm reading things right. I want to avoid that as my goal is to make the blog entirely dependent on Reasonably Clever's hosting. (That way I'm not held up when other sites are having troubles.)

Since WP doesn't support my database engine, I'll have to go back and look elsewhere; maybe at MovableType. Or just give in put up with the occasional problem from Blogger.

I dunno. I'm just pondering options.

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Blogger put in a new round of updates and fixes over the past couple of days. Whenever they do that, the site gets a little wonky while new server-side code is being uploaded and implemented.

It all seems to have leveled out again.