Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Buy-Me-Mizer upgrade: Now with Brickarms!

There's been a parts upgrade at the Buy-Me Mizer - in particular the Accessories section now features the awesome custom weapons of

There were a few other additions as well:
  • A Popsicle accessory for the non-war mongers
  • Four new heads
The current selection offers a staggering 145,777,946,400 possible combinations!


Adam said...


May i Suggest this part for the buy-me mini-mizer


Christopher Doyle said...

Adam: Sorry, that head is a bit too expensive on the secondary market to include. If LEGO would release it in a common set, I'd be glad to add it.

kinko said...

nice. no shotgun though?

Adam said...

chris, just so u know Skull-Fire and me r the same person

samthelegoman1 said...

Um, I have a question: Is the grey suit from the buy-me-mizer in DkStone or OldDkGray?(I want the legs to match the torso)

Christopher Doyle said...

They're the newer Blue-grey mix.