Friday, April 25, 2008

Episode 417

Read the comic here.

A good lesson for not waiting until the last minute to pass along vital information.

Originally I had the countdown as part of Donut's dialog. While putting the strip together, I realized it was much more interesting to keep the Brick House's AI involved in things.

Readers have asked if the AI is going to go all "2001 HAL" on the rest of the cast- today's strip may just give it reason to. (Oh, and if you're wondering how the AI "sounds" to me, it has the same voice as Eric Cartman from South Park.)


Wrathkid said...

So are we dealing with zombies that have been killed twice now?

Doug7172 said...

Chris: Really? Are youlookin at .com or .org? From what I read, it is very simular to the forum. It says it is powered by wordpress, but it is on your site and not part of theres. (Make sure you are going to .org)

Christopher Doyle said...


The problem is with the database that runs the software - My host has "SQL Server" and the WP program isn't compatible with it. If my host had that software, I could run WP no problem.

In all other ways I'm *very* happy with my host, and I'm not going to leave them over WP compatibility. So WP is out for the moment.

Geoffrey said...

Hmm so did the Brick House TARDIS stop in time or not? It's not very clear whether it's just blown something internally or whether it's bumped into something at the landing site.

If the Brick House TARDIS suddenly decides it's had enough, and transforms into a giant robot that walks off in a huff, next week, I woudn't be the least bit surprised! :D

splash1 said...

the AI should sound like the AI on Chariots of the Dogs

Jake said...

Where'd Scotch go?