Thursday, April 10, 2008

Episode 406

Read the comic here.

Can't blame Whiskey for getting tired of that joke, but he's such an easy target in that area.

I considered dialog along the lines of "Okay. Time to play 'Highlander'. If there's only one of us left, we don't have to argue over top billing." Or maybe something with Russian Roulette. But I really didn't want to have to slice and dice two cast members at this juncture...

...that's for later.


Geoffrey said...

Poor Whiskey. Just stuck in this "supporting role" - isn't there something Donut could cook up for him that'd make his strip position more than just a supporting role??

How about a nicely done mech suit from someplace?

I think Doyle should set up some plot device that allows for him to tinker with ordinary cast members a bit, it's not that hard. Basically something new and undiscovered as yet, which will give him a handle with which to fit members into new roles.

Christopher Doyle said...


The cast *is* shuffling about a bit - Donut is moving more into the lead spot with Whiskey and Scotch helping him on his quest for Luka. And there's an arc planned for Scotch to take the lead for a while in a future Chapter.

All the recent "side-kick" pokes at Whiskey have been due to that shifting...back when he was the star of the strip he knew it...but things are certainly changing.

So, I'm not quite sure what you're suggesting I do that I'm not already working with/on.

Anonymous said...

I know this has nothing to do with the comic but: what REALLY happened to Fox and Wash (and Batman for that matter).

Maarten said...

Hey Chris, Can you
give us a tour around the Brick House
as time machine?
I mean, I would like to see the the whole console room in one pic.
That would be awesome!
Or as the kids say, ''pwnsom''.

Christopher Doyle said...


What makes you think they *aren't* raising Zombie children in Minnesota?


I'll try and take a pulled back shot for you - but the set is set up so I can build new areas as the story call for them. There's not a "full model" to show at this point.

Geoffrey said...

ell, if he is going to shift from the lead role to a side-kick, at least make him a decently-equipped one. BTW, when does that confounded Leia hairpiece disappear?

Right about now Whiskey should be wondering when it's gonna disappear and get replaced with new growth.

Christopher Doyle said...


Now that I've got ties to Brickarms I'm sure Whiskey will get his hands on some real firepower at some point.

The Leia wig is scheduled to go early next week. There hasn't been very much of a time-lapse in the strip to allow things to grow back yet.

Jake said...

Whoo Hoo! Next Week!

BTW, could you post the strips a *bit* Earlier?