Friday, April 4, 2008

Episode 402

Read the comic here.

I wanted to wrap up the week with a couple of hints for where things are heading in the next chapter.

Today's strip does address the ongoing annoyance of having half of the main duo consisting mostly of a lump that sits on things until he's kidnapped. Rest assured a fix is indeed in the works.


Geoffrey said...

If there is any butter in The Brick House, it would be very very afraid now. ;-)

I wonder if Doyle can think of some uncommon but strangely apt quotations for next week's strips?

I really hope TBH kicks things up a notch or three on the action scale next week.

To Doyle: What goes up must come down - somewhere.

So if that hair is gonna land somewhere I'd expect a bit more than a 'splat' and something that used to be mutated hair.

And I sure hope TBH has some kind of anti-collision detection, wouldn't want TBH flying around like an unguided missile. No telling what would happen if it crashes into/onto something.

Christopher Doyle said...


Next weeks strips will clear things up a bit; the brick house is just adrift in the time stream at the moment. The hair has been sucked out into the time stream...and could end up anywhere/anywhen. Rest assured, though, it will be back.

Jan said...

The revenge of the Pat!
*Pat strangels me with the Burce**

*Strange butter-like force which I just imagined.
Is he coming back?

Maarten said...

I said this above, Me and Jan are the same person.
Two e-mail addresses, ya'know?!

Baz said...

Pity my question wasn't answered. One blink yes, one blink no, and one blink I love Monty Python. Easy :-)

Christopher Doyle said...

Why do I get the feeling that there are really only five people who read this blog? Me, Ian, and three people with about seventeen alias between them?

Maarten said...

Um, I only have two accounts.
I only use Maarten.
Because that's my real name.

Maarten said...

Sometimes I don't know for sure which one is Maarten, so that's why I posted as Jan.

TK1420 said...

Which Ian? H or W? lol

I just use the one account, and I'm lucky to find time for that!

(Kids, enjoy not having jobs and other such grown-up responsibilities while you can!!)

With the time-stream open, Pretty much anything can happen in this year's advent calendar- hair monster vs. Santa? The Milkman and Batman vs. Pat o Buttah and Pineapple man?

O, the possibilities!

Adam said...


When r u gonna update the contest entry grid cause i sent you my entry!

Christopher Doyle said...

I'll be updating the grid Monday. I don't recall seeing an email entry from you, though.

And remember, that one you posted as "Skull fire" on the 31st is going to have be revised before I can allow it per the contest rules.

Anonymous said...

You know Chris I(Dave the Rave) wanted to be in the comic. But I wasn't, but I can let that slide. But bringing back PAT?! Oh you are so going down!

Also did you get my e-mail about the contest entry?

Jake said...


Not Pat O'Buttah!!!!!!!!!!


Not Pat O'Buttah!!!!!!!!!!

Jake said...

Wait, Doyle, Pat O'Buttah CAN'T be coming back because he was already smeared/killed. Oh, Well. Who Knows? Maybe it is just his brother.

Papaya said...

I've always been Papaya. :-P

And I hope Pina Colada comes back too.


Zacknut said...

oh god.

semi brick said...

please have the chef kill him.
*Anguished,vader like NOOOOOOOOOOO

Maarten said...

His buttah-nuts have been squashed, but he was not killed.