Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updates and such

For those of you waiting for this week's updates...you might have a bit longer to wait than usual.

I'm in the last minute stages of prepping for CONvergence, and we leave for the convention tomorrow.

I'm working on a last-minute LEGO project that I hope to display, along with Tom, Crow, the Forrester Mural and some other things. I'm bringing several cameras, so there should be some interesting stuff showing up my Flikr Stream if you want to keep an eye on it.

I'm also finishing up sets for the next arc of Brick House - hence the delay there.

Anyway, I'll be back in town, and hopefully back on track, by next Tuesday.

In the meantime, check back occasionally - I'm bringing my laptop so I should be posting *something* over the next few days.

Finally, for those of you who are grumpy about all the recent interruptions to your free entertainment - after this con I'll be officially out of cash for a few months, so I'm more likely to be around and working on the site.


CorneliusMurdock said...

Hope you have a ton o' fun!

Great escaper said...

Yeah, have fun, as long as the strips are still the high quality we've been having recently, it deserves all the time it needs.

Ben said...

i take it youre going to showcase your mst3k moc. it being a mst3k themed event and all

wwhijr said...

I guess having all those plot decives engaged at once slows them down doesnt it.

Have fun.

pokank (anon 2 from the 23rd of june) said...

sorry about complaining about the brick house, i didn't read the blog.
anyways, i know this is off subject but do you support brickarms? i was going to buy some and my brother gave me a ton of crap for it. and he's addicted to (shudder) megablocks.
i know its not lego and is wrong but are they any good? pleas write a review

Anonymous said...

Pokank: not to put words in Chris' mouth, but it should be noted that he did run a contest a while back (can't recall just how far back it was) where the prizes included stuff from Brickarms. Take that as you will.

Nick said...

Brickarms is generally accepted by most AFOLs, but if your brother likes MegaBloks you just don't need to listen to him at all.

Christopher Doyle said...


I love 'em. I support them in the Buy-Me-Mizer, I put 'em in my contests when it seems appropriate.

To me, there's a difference between a company trying to provide custom parts that are designed to work directly with LEGO and a company trying to take LEGO off the shelf in favor of their own brand. I don't support Best Lock or Mega - but BrickArms, BrickForge, and others like them are just fine with me.