Friday, June 5, 2009

Toybox of FAIL: City (Part 4 of 6)

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Well, we're reaching the bottom of my box of LEGO knock-offs. The final three that I have on hand are all Little White Dragon CITY sets. Of course, by now you should know that just because they have "CITY" on the box it doesn't mean you can predict what theme you'll find inside.

I can't say I've saved the best for last - these are bootlegs after all - but at least these three sets each have a little something to make them worth reading about.

Why, look! It's a CITY set that could actually be taking place in a CITY! That's novel!

There's not a lot of context offered for this set, though. The box art suggests that this food stand is traveling at roughly sixty miles an hour. There's something written on the motion blurred sign to the figure's right...I can almost make out the words "FIRE", "AID" and "TEST". What that cryptic clue means is anyone's guess, though.

The Chef mini-figure gets a staring role in the Set Box. Too bad his wacky hat was too tall to fit in the graphic.

The figure is a dusky shade of tan dressed in a bright white outfit. He really does look silly in that hat. It's like someone put a malformed thumbtack into his head.

The set comes with these accessories - a cup, a frying pan, and a garden trowel.

The "playset" is this odd structure. The open studs on the inverted slopes give you a place to stick the cup into. Or, it would, if the poor part quality didn't result in spilled beverages due to an incompatible stud/rod match up.

*Insert joke about the bootleggers shoving that cup somewhere less comfortable**

Anyway, that's the 4th version of the CITY theme we've explored. And things just go downhill from here.

For those of you wondering (and possibly hoping), no, the end of the LEGO stash doesn't mean the end of the Toybox of FAIL. I have a giant stash of stuff left over from the Island of Bootleg Toys - a lot of it that has yet to see the light of day in a review. And Joe has told me there's more LEGO on the way.

So the FAIL goes on...
As always, many thanks to Joe from The Undiscovered Playthings for sending me this set to review.


Paul Lee said...

I have a challenge for you. Once, in a Japanese toy store in Los Angeles, maybe 17 years ago, I saw a line of Japanese brick based construction set. I'm pretty sure though would qualify as bootleg, though they may have been decent quality. The amazing thing is that the sets were all transformer themed sets. Meaning you could build a car or a plane that turned into a robot. It had specialized pieces to facilitate the transforming. I've never been able to find out any more about this line of toys, but would love to learn more about it.

Brian said...

The "playset" does look vaguely Pizza-parlor-esque... but that toque! Wow... There is NO WAY that it could double as a jellyfish...

Ben said...

"where did you get that hat, where did you get that tile... isnt it a knoby one in just the proper style, I shoud like to have one, just the same as that, Where ere, I go, they shout HELLO, where did you get that hat!
yes I listen to al simmons, and yes those bootleggers propobly do shove those cups up somewhere else

Dave said...

this would be a great REAL lego set
{if it had a better hat}

Anonymous said...

I think the garden trowel is supposed to be one of those triangular pizza-knives you serve individual slices with.

As for the hat, it looks more like a chimneystack... maybe he's some kind of steam-powered robot chef?

The One Guy said...

@Dave: Really? LEGO has already done sets of this type that are much better. Just look at these two:

Gunnar said...

The design on 10036 is great.