Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toybox of FAIL: Flying Disc

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Good news for you LEGO bootleg enthusiasts - I just received another shipment of FAIL from my good friend Joe of The Undiscovered Playthings blog. Until I can get them scanned and photographed, though, here's a little bit Summertime FAIL to whet your appetite for destruction.

Looks pretty innocent, doesn't it? Just your typical dollar store Frisbee.

Or is it...?

Flip it over and you find that you've bought yourself a poly-bag full of FAIL!

Yes, it's not just a Frisbee clone - it's a High Performance Gyroplane! But who's that in the logo?

Sky Sufer?

What the heck is a "Sufer"? Whatever it is, here he is.

Hmmm. This reminds me of something....

Oh. I bet they meant SURFER.


They do look similar, don't they?

Nah. It's probably just my imagination.


Wrathkid said...

It is your imagination.

Silver Surfer is riding a surboard

while Sky Sufer is riding a frisbee

Ben said...

ahh, but they are both villanous...
I dont know about silver surfer, i just am assuming that he is the villain of the movie.

Anonymous said...

They left out the additional "f" in "suffer". As in, what happens to you if you buy this.

Anonymous said...

Even Sky Sufer knows his name is misspelled - look at the expression on his face.

Anonymous said...

How does Sky Sufer pilot the gryo-thing from on top of it if it's spinning round? Surely he'd just get dizzy?

Flamero said...

It's different, but it's the same concept. Use a popular thing, make it a very little different, then sell it for more than it's worth.