Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Episode 698

Read the comic here.


Colchek said...

I suspect Bilbo's last comment has literal meaning. ;)

Ben said...

Not Bilbo!
Crap in my pants... lol

Anonymous said...

T:Hopefully she WON'T kill him.
Overwise I'll have to set up a Anti-Fox barriade.

I'm just glad that's not the Last we've seen of Bilbo.

pokank said...

i like the different ending to "crap in a hat"
p.s. where did you get that saying anyway Chris? i haven't seen it on any movies, did you make it up?
vw: kiniati, sounds Japaneses....or Chinese...or swiss cheese.

Christopher Doyle said...


"Crap in a hat" is a phrase I stole from S-Team Ian...it's one of the more prevalent cross-overs between our strips. ;)