Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brickworld Photos on-line

I got a chance to upload the rest of my Brickworld 2009 photos to Flickr.

me and crow

Click on the pic to go directly to the set!


Ben said...

i realy want to go now... where and when?

Christopher Doyle said...

@Ben: I think they've started planning the 2010 event now...but things are over for this year.

Just keep an eye on

Great escaper said...

(Sorry, I don't have a Flikr account so im posting my questions here)

I like this one, do you know anything about what the blue and yellow thing is? They look very detailed.

This is another good model I think.

This graph, is this explaining what sets have the most parts?

Wow, so much rain as well.

Also, that orrey looks cool as well. Lots of great talent there this year it seems.

Christopher Doyle said...


The ships were built by the super-talented Chris Edwards:

The graph shows the number of complaints per set - showing clearly that the more parts in a set, the more problems the LEGO group has to put up with. (As an aside: that was the BEST presentation I'd been to in years.)