Friday, September 12, 2008

Guest Starring at! (Sort of)

Ian warned me about this, but I didn't want to wreck his reveal by acknowledging it too soon. The "Mysterious Guide" character appearing recently in S-team is indeed meant to be a quasi-cameo of yours truly.

Ian and I have a long history of sharing characters with each other, but this is certainly a first for me...

Now, why I'm apparently dead and dressed in tacky white, that's another question entirely. Something you're not telling me, Ian?
(Ian says I'm NOT dead, just Meta.)


Geoffrey said...

Maybe Ian is trying to say you're his impression of God? Or an impression of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates?

I'm not sure why. I would favor the God angle myself, it fits a bit better.

Nick said...

St Peter's job is boring, it could be fun at times though.

"Okay, you can go on in."


"Nah, I'm just kidding. *sends to Hell*"

Ian said...

You're not dead; you're a METAcharacter. Like when I appear in my own strip.

Christopher Doyle said...


Sorry- the wings threw me. ;)

Uncle Servo said...

Looks like you have some sort of flying machine strapped to your back, Chris... kinda like the Rocketeer but without the 'hood ornament' helmet.

And better check your voice mail -- Gordon Ramsay's gonna want that outfit back. :)

Geoffrey said...

Maybe Chris should appear in his own strips a bit more often. ;)

There's no reason he couldn't make a character who is surprisingly similar to him, and who has a part to play in things unfolding.