Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Episode 529

Read the comic here.

Those heart shaped pieces are "Clickits" - an abandoned LEGO make-it-yourself jewelry line. I didn't realize the blue pins used to hold the transparent ones up would show so badly in the final photographs. Oh well.

This set, my "ye olde strip mall", was a quick scratch build just for today's strip.


Geoffrey said...

Boy talk about 'update lag' - I actually found the comic before I found the blog post!

To the strip itself, I think Ted's really got a point, for once!

Christopher Doyle said...


It's nothing odd - I normally upload the strip slightly before I write the day's post. You just happened to notice the gap today.

Saber Lion said...

I think I'm win here because I sometimes see the comic before it's up. Very rarely though.

Uncle Servo said...

I think we ALL win when we see a strip club in Fantasyland... although you definitely wouldn't want it right next to "It's A Small World." :)

Zepher said...

Best punchline in the fantasy world so far! Keep up the good work, and the blue didn't bother me, it made it seem more, I don't know, bright?