Saturday, September 27, 2008

BRICK SCIENCE - Mad Scientist Award and Comments, too!

There's been an update to both the Entry Grids and The Winners.

First up, let me announce the winner of the MAD SCIENTIST award. Graviton selected a model that he enjoyed the most, and unsurprisingly, it's a very nice MOC indeed:

Konrad Zuse and his Z3
By: nolnet

Graviton added:
Loving that rendition of the old school computer!

For his efforts, Nolnet will receive LEGO set 8112: Battle Arachnoid. Better yet, he's still in the running for the major awards!

Major awards that will be revealed at noon on Monday!!

In the meantime, take a minute or ten and cruise the entry grids. Both Graviton and I had comments on several of the models, and they've been added to the entry grids. Do they contain hints as to the winners? Maybe - but don't let Graviton's frequent use of "total win!" throw you. There can only be ONE per category!

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