Monday, September 8, 2008

Episode 513

Read the comic here.

Alton Brown's hair is just about impossible to match in LEGO form - but the new hairpiece from the Agents line does an okay job. Maybe someday there'll be an ideal wig for him.

I'd be happier with more official LEGO faces with glasses, too, just in case someone is in the mood to grant wishes.


Geoffrey said...

It's rather hard to find a LEGO hairpiece that accurately reflects a 'receding' hairline.

And the glasses are difficult just finding some that match this well is a pretty good feat.

From what I've seen of the strip it looks like we're not going to find out what Donut was going to call his friend. J and U or H is as far as I can speculate, Chris pretty much got the rest of the letters wiped out digitally.

Ian said...

I can just hear Alton saying "old man smell." LOL

Uncle Servo said...

Dad-gummit, even MORE foreshadowing!!!!!

But at least Donut knew exactly how to get Alton's help... ;)

Jessica said...

He-he cute. I love Alton Brown. Have you seen his new show Feasting on Waves? I just saw my first one today on TiVo.

`Lex said...

Okay, it's way past when that came out... What was that name that Alton spoke over?!

`Lex said...

Oh, I think I just got it!!!