Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BRICK SCIENCE - The First Winner

There's a new link on the Entry Grids screen: The Winners.

Over the next few days at Noon EST I'll be post one of the winning MOCs. We'll start with the GEM awards (Judge's Favorites) and then move into the big prizes later in the week.

Today: The S-Team Crossover Award
Webcomic Author Ian Healy offered up a signed copy of his novel The Milkman for his favorite use of the Science Guy character from the Adventures of the S-Team in this contest!

The winner?

Marshmallow roasters
By: Wyrdness

Ian comments:
"Well, it seems pretty clear which is my favorite use of Science Guy. There are only two entries that used him and only one who did so more or less correctly. Wyrdness’s Marshmallow roasters easily wins the signed copy of The Milkman. It’s hilarious."

Check it out.


samthelegoman1 said...

Yes! Now to see if I won! My birthday's on the 29th, so it would be a big surprise to win something!

Rybuger 1 said...

I thought I uesd him well...