Thursday, September 4, 2008

Episode 511

Read the comic here.

This strip changed while being photographed. The script called for the last two panels to be Donut and Whiskey just looking sadly off to the left, with Donut's head in his arms, crying, in the final panel. It was tragic, really. And sad.

So I went with the advertising malfunction instead.


Geoffrey said...

I wonder if Donut has a Plan 'B'? Or a Plan 'C', 'D', 'E', etc?

Personally I think they should just go straight for the kidnap attempt, or Donut should use his scientific know-how to attract - and therefore temporarily stop - the motorbike with a giant electromagnet.

After upgrading the Brick House into a TARDIS, I think he'd be able to rig something decent up.

Baz said...

Aww...that's just unlucky

takua-777 said...

I guess the brick house being a tardis explains why they can be further down the road but still in front of it?

Geoffrey said...

Well, if you're you, and I'm me, that means Donut's still Donut, despite his recent change of appearance.

Which means he still knows how to operate the Brick House TARDIS and move it from one location to another.

Now, if there's any part of that explanation which you don't understand, I think Chris should explain it.

Uncle Servo said...

The 'advertising malfunction' angle is SO much better than what you have down as the original idea. Kudos to whoever thought that one up. :)

Unfortunately I think the only way Donut's going to get Alton to stop is by putting the Brick House smack-dab in the road in front of him so that he'll roll right in through the front door before he can stop. ("Alton, what a surprise -- nice of you to drop by!")

Hopefully someone will think to OPEN the front door beforehand if that happens...