Monday, September 22, 2008

Episode 523

Read the comic here.

It's awfully tricky to show something as "stopped moving" in a still image without labeling it as such.


Geoffrey said...

I wonder if it's worthwhile using a paint program effect like superimposing a faded image of Scotch's mech suit in various mobile positions?

By using simplified mobile images in some panels, the sudden stop movement could be made with a simple "clunk" or similar noise.

Ian said...

I might have pulled one of my special sound effects out of the bag.



Fang_Q said...

I've lost track of the plot :(
Where are they now and why where ever they are?

Christopher Doyle said...


They're in the LEGO Castle universe, looking for magic beans. They need the beans to travel to Scotch's homeworld. They need to travel to Scotch's homeworld to raise an army. They need to raise an army because Neo and Morpheus (from the Matrix movies) were turned into Ted and Cowboy Curtis (due to Donut's chili) and thus unable to save humanity from the Robot Army without help.

See? Simple.

(Yes, it's a mess. It'll be resolved by this time next month, though.)

samthelegoman1 said...


evan said...

Ah, i hate it when that happens. anyway, love the comic!

Geoffrey said...

When do we finally get to visit that new set? I apologize if this comes across as wanting new stuff too soon, but all this talk about where the plot is going got me tracking down this image, since I haven't seen it in the comic yet. I'd like to know approximately when it'll make the comic, since I recall Chris mentioning it was a set for the comic.

Anonymous said...

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